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  Water Hygiene Consultancy

Authorising Engineer (Water)  

•     Independent Authorising Engineer for a Trust, as per the requirements of  HTM 00 (2014)

•     Risk Assessment reviews, following the L8 guidance to no longer renew every 2 years

•     Reviewing and appointing Responsible Persons, (RP), Authorising Persons (AP)

•     Bid Documentation writing on Water Hygiene and Legionella controls

•     Authorised Engineer, Retainer Commissions, 24 – 7 - on call

•     Documentation review of your Risk Assessments ensuring compliance with ACOP L8

•     Assessment of your contractor service provider performance, scope of works

•     In house staff water hygiene training on your project

•     Writing or reviewing your Written Scheme regimes

•     Water Quality Steering Group support  (WQSG)

•     Understanding and clarification of the Legionella control measures required

•     Construction phase water documentation requirements, up to hand over to client (BS8558:2011)

•     Construction Phase Water Sampling Plans (BS8558:2011)

•     Guidance and development of water management systems and engineering challenges

•     Decommissioning of Chlorine Dioxide Equipment (CLO2)

•     PFI Healthcare and Education projects, Bidding, Construction, Working Groups, Water Quality

•     Water sampling advice, PCR “Genedisc” Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Rapid Technologies

•     Bespoke training workshops and provision of City & Guilds accredited water management courses

HTM 04 01 addendum

Pseudomonas aeruginosa management

Templates for comprehensive Water Safety Plans (WSP)

Review of current Water Safety Plans for compliance with guidance and HTM 04 01  addendum

ACOP L8 Fourth Edition and HSG 274

Flushing management strategies for microbial control in line with - HSG 274 Part 2 and 3 (L8)

Documentation templates for ACOP L8 water hygiene controls

Develop what is required on your water distribution system with minimising risk with legionella bacteria