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  Tender Assessment

Estates Managers, Technical Managers and Facility Managers are now increasingly aware that providing the correct “scope of works programme” for water hygiene management regimes and control measures is a potential difficult process.

This may create weakness in the value and responsibility with uncertainties for carrying out the legal responsibilities for the Responsible Person (RP) and your staff, managing their water systems in compliance of L8 and other HTM guidance.

Whether for legionella bacteria or other opportunistic pathogens, within your water systems, this can be a difficult process, and key to any contract managing your water systems, is in the detail of the drafting of the contract, and the “scope of works programme”  

It is too late after the contract is awarded and signed, the prognosis is inevitable?

Tender – Bid – Process – Procurement – Contract award

During the tender stage and evaluation process to procurement, Specify works required for L8 compliance

Hold first meeting with all service providers to ensure consistency

Evaluation of Tender and Interview service provider

Assist in selecting the most appropriate contractor who can “walk the talk” and provide assurance of quality input – output and importantly outcome from their contract

During Incumbent contract appointment

Determine and measure Key performance indicators

Contract water hygiene control measure ---- review meetings

Spot checks on works such as chlorination, pasteurization

Review compliance to L8 of specific buildings or entire site

The objective is to maximise compliant operation of a sub-contractor contract obligation

Service delivery management

Customer interface water steering group meetings

Microbiology water sampling management

Build a partnership of shared responsibilities and not a relationship of “disclaimers” culture, thus improving performance and customer satisfaction and attitudes of indifference to the contract

This list is an essential process assessment of the consultancy service we can provide for you. Please contact us for further informaion or advice.