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L8 ACOP Guidance

Auditing and Reviewing Water Management Systems

HTM 00:2014  

Our independent auditing process is only carried out using an accredited “Lead Auditor” qualified to:

BS OHSAS 18001, who is the IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer in the Consultancy  

This will provide your Responsible Persons (RP) or Chief Executive (CEO) to obtain a confirmation of compliance and ensure that the required L8 ACOP principles are professionally achieved.

We can carry out IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer audits/reviews on your operational regime, such as water hygiene management, paperwork audits and performance monitoring for you and also review your appointed/incumbent water hygiene contractors, typically including:

Management structures

Management and process documentation

Water Log-Book monitoring systems

Pre-planned maintenance (PPM) programmes and other pertinent processes

Risk assessment. – reviews


Escalation Pathways

Schematic Diagrams

Purpose of an IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer (AE)

HSE ACOP L8 Fourth edition 2013

The record of the assessment is a living document that must be reviewed to ensure it remains up-to-date. Arrange to review the assessment regularly and specifically whenever there is reason to suspect it is no longer valid.

Healthcare HTM00:2014

If precautions are to remain effective, the condition and performance of the water system, Water Safety Plans,

Water Safety Groups and relevant documentation will need to be monitored regularly by an Independent IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer


A full assessment report will be provided by identifying if the water management regime is compliant and any identified shortfall, highlighted and an “action plan” will be provided.


If a contractor is commissioned to carry out maintenance and in-house expertise is not available to monitor their performance, an independent professional adviser such as an Authorised Engineer (AE) should be retained to carry out this function.

Using another maintenance contractor in a monitoring role could lead to a conflict of interest.


Retaining an Authorising Engineer (AE), will provide independent advice with no bias to sell water treatment chemicals or other products

From November 2013:

L8 ACOP confirms, it is no longer a mandate to re write your Risk Assessment every 2 years.

Legally you must ensure you are managing your water systems with a valid Risk Assessment.

An IHEEM Registered Authorising Engineer will ensure you are compliant with your Statutory Obligation.

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